Safety Alerts Directly to
Employees at Your Facility


Safety alerts directly to employees at your facility

Permitto offers a revolutionary new way of communicating messages to users in the field through our message/alert system. A safety alert is a message that is displayed to the user as part of access registration or when the user leaves a facility.


Rich information

Alerts can include interactive communication in the form of photos, videos and links. Do you want to show an HSE video to those who sign up? No problem! Would it have been interesting to show a plan map of the facility? It is possible!

The possibilities are limitless, here it is only your HSE creativity that sets limits.


Information at the correct level

The plant owner is free to define HSE messages at all levels in his plant structure, whether he wants messages to be displayed at all plants or only at a specific plant. Here, for example, it is conceivable that HSE messages contain local knowledge about a given facility. Maybe the lock to a secondary substation is extra difficult to get up? Why not post a message about this!



A very elegant use for HSE messages are reminders when a user leaves a facility. Imagine that all personnel who visit a substation receive the message "Remember to lock the door" when they leave the facility, what better measures against unlocked substations can you imagine?



All alerts can be set up to be time-specific. In this way, one can ensure that only relevant information is displayed to the user. If you have an ongoing audit of a facility in a given month, then it is no problem to only show information about this in the relevant month!



Like everything else in Permitto, APIs are offered that make it possible to integrate with HSE messages. Why not extract information about ongoing work from your Work Order system and show this to users?


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What do our customers say about Permitto?


Kundereferanse Lyse

Permitto effektiviserer hverdagen vår, gir oss bedre kontroll og øker sikkerheten relatert til arbeide opp mot våre anlegg.

Frank Boholm, Operations Manager, Lyse Elnett


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Case-Study_Sira_Kvina_NO_Mars21 PDF

With Permitto, we have streamlined a number of processes. It has been a cost and time saving for me and Sira-Kvina. The most important thing is to take care of
control and security. Easily. I have full control over the authorizations that are given. It is important to me.

Gaute Tjørhom, CEO, Sira Kvina Kraftverk


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Kundereferanse Arva
Kundereferanse Alta Kraftlag
Kundereferanse Sira Kvina
Kundereferanse Sognekraft

Why Permitto?

Permitto gives you full control over the management of approvals and access registration, and also contains a number of other modules to support and improve these processes. The solution has been developed together with the electric power industry to support the issues encountered in the industry

The solution is easy to test in your organization and can be quickly rolled out in production.

Digitale sikkerhetskort

Digital Permit, Access cards and HSE-cards

Fully digital process for applying, processing, issuing and receiving permit cards, access cards and other types of cards you might need.

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Access control for Assets and Projects

Register who has access to a facility or project. Updated overview of who is registered for facilities and projects in real time.

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HMS meldinger

Safety alerts directly to employees at your facility

Send out important messages to the personnel at your facility or project in an efficient manner. Opportunity for segmentation and automation.

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Kurs- og kompetanseoversikt

Certificates and qualifications

Full overview of underlying documentation of qualifications registered on personnel with associated access permits.

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Key management

Full-fledged key management module that gives you control over who is in possession of physical keys. Full digital application and assignment process.

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