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What is Permitto?

Permitto is a system for digital safety/qualification approvals and access permits. The system can also be used for any kind of proof of access or permit.

The solution has been developed for and in cooperation with the electric utility business. Permitto is being used by distribution (DSO) and production companies throughout Norway.

Permitto is easy to use. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution consisting of a mobile app and a web portal in one package. You get a digital process for applying for and issuing approvals, and acknowledging receipt.  Included is also a user friendly way to register access to plants/stations.   

Why Permitto?

Permitto gives you full control over the management of approvals and access registration, and also contains a number of other modules to support and improve these processes. The solution has been developed together with the electric power industry to support the issues encountered in the industry

The solution is easy to test in your organization and can be quickly rolled out in production.

Digitale sikkerhetskort

Digital Permit, Access cards and HSE-cards

Fully digital process for applying, processing, issuing and receiving permit cards, access cards and other types of cards you might need.

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Access control for Assets and Projects

Register who has access to a facility or project. Updated overview of who is registered for facilities and projects in real time.

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HMS meldinger

Safety alerts directly to employees at your facility

Send out important messages to the personnel at your facility or project in an efficient manner. Opportunity for segmentation and automation.

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Kurs- og kompetanseoversikt

Certificates and qualifications

Full overview of underlying documentation of qualifications registered on personnel with associated access permits.

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Key management

Full-fledged key management module that gives you control over who is in possession of physical keys. Full digital application and assignment process.

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What do our customers say about Permitto?


Kundereferanse Lyse

Permitto effektiviserer hverdagen vår, gir oss bedre kontroll og øker sikkerheten relatert til arbeide opp mot våre anlegg.

Frank Boholm, Operations Manager, Lyse Elnett


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Case-Study_Sira_Kvina_NO_Mars21 PDF

With Permitto, we have streamlined a number of processes. It has been a cost and time saving for me and Sira-Kvina. The most important thing is to take care of
control and security. Easily. I have full control over the authorizations that are given. It is important to me.

Gaute Tjørhom, CEO, Sira Kvina Kraftverk


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Kundereferanse Hafslund


Vi så på løsninger for elektronisk adgangsregistreringer på anlegg og prosjekter som vi opererer, og valgte å satse på Permitto. Permitto er fleksibelt med mange muligheter, og Verico imøtegår våre behov og ønsker med å videreutvikle systemet

Ole Einar Aspeslåen, HSE Responsible, Hafslund E-CO Innlandet

Arva kundereferanse


Permitto er et fleksibelt system. Leverandøren er rask til å tilpasse systemet til brukers behov. Dette bidrar til bedre sikkerhet, som er meget viktig i vår bransje.


Arvid Åsmo, Subject responsible Electricity and Operations Manager

Kundereferanse Avinor


Med Permitto blir du kvitt permene og får det på telefonen!

Erik Fercho Nesvold, Subject Reponsible Electricity and Operations Manager, Avinor SVG Airport


Arva kundereferanse
Kundereferanse Lyse
Kundereferanse Sira Kvina
Kundereferanse Sognekraft
Kundereferanse Avinor
Kundereferanse Hafslund
Kundereferanse Alta Kraftlag

Different roles have different needs for information

Who can use Permitto?

In the entire electric power industry, strict requirements apply to HSE, control and overview:

- Who is registered at our facility right now?
- Is the documentation of qualifications for personnel who have access to the facility valid?
- Is the documentation up to date? When does it expire?
- As a personnel, who can I contact with the plant owner when I have any questions?


In Permitto, all roles get the information they need to do their job



Facility owner

From the web portal in Permitto, the facility owner gets full control over all cards issued on behalf of the organization: Security cards, access cards or other proof of access or permission.

The module for documentation makes it easy to keep track of which documentation, course or competence is behind the granted access, and later updates.

Personell i anlegg


Personnel in facilities

It is easy to register your access in facilities.

 You get a full overview of others who are in the same facility, and how you can contact them.

You can also receive safety alerts from the plant owner.



The operations center

In real time, you get a full overview of who is registered in a facility and what qualifications they have!

You can see live data in Permitto's web portal. If you want to export this data to other systems, it is easy to integrate them.

You can issue safety alerts and other messages that will reach personnel in an instant.




Permitto offers a separate supplier module. Here, suppliers get a full overview of their personnel!

You can see which cards apply to you, regardless of who owns the facility. Get a full overview of permits and accesses, and courses and expertise of their employees.

Permitto also makes it possible for a supplier to apply for a cards/permits for its employees.




Permitto can also be used to register access to construction projects. If you manage (re-)building projects, you can easily use Permitto to register an electronic crew list for your projects.

Here you will also have access to a live overview of personnel on each project. As a client, you can send alerts and SMS directly to participants on your projects.

Permitto P


Order Permitto today!

Getting started with Permitto is very easy and fast. We normally spend only 48 hours delivering the finished solution to the customer. Contact us!



How to get started?

Getting started with Permitto is very easy and fast.
Your company does not need to install any software since Permitto is a cloud solution.

We normally spend only 48 hours delivering the finished solution to the customer.


This is what you do:


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Questions about Permitto?

FAQ: Frequently asked questions:


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Who can use Permitto?

All businesses that need either; a clear way to issue proof of authorization or companies that need a system for access registration on facilities or projects can use Permitto. There is no minimum for how many cards or people are required to become a customer.

What does it take to get started with Permitto?

Since Permitto is a SaaS solution, no local installation is required in your company. It is therefore very quick to use Permitto. As a rule, it takes less than a day to set up a new plant owner in Permitto!

What systems can Permitto typically replace?

Permitto can replace your safety/qualification card system and your access registration system.

Support is also offered for access registration on projects in Permitto, so it will then also be able to replace your system for keeping an electronic crew list.

Do I have to use all parts of Permitto?

No, Permitto is a modular system where you use only those parts you need. For example, it is not a problem to only use the module to issue cards (security cards / access cards, etc.) but not to use access registration.

Are there integration options against Permitto?

Yes, we offer a standard integration API where all parts of Permitto can be managed via. We also offer the opportunity to create custom integration endpoints if desired.

What does it mean that Permitto is a centralized solution?

Since Permitto is a SaaS solution, there is only one installation of Permitto. This means that all users use the same app and the same website. On the other hand, the system is designed so that a plant owner or supplier only sees the data that is relevant to him.

Who is behind Permitto?

Permitto is made by Verico which is based in Stavanger, Norway. Verico has over 20 years of experience in the electric power industry! Verico offers, among other things, services related to documentation of facilities and other AIM services.

How do I log in to Permitto?

Your username is your mobile phone number and password is sent as an SMS code.

Access registration


Read more about functionality for access registration and access control 

Which systems are replaced by Permitto access registration?

Permitto typically replaces manual access registration via telephone or access registration via SMS.

What are the benefits of using Permitto for access control?

Firstly, Permitto connects access registration with authorized access given to each individual user via a security card or access card.

This means that users can only register at the facilities for which they are authorized. It is not possible for the user to register access to facilities where one is not authorized access!

There are also a number of other benefits such as HSE messages to the user, the ability to navigate, "access board in the pocket" and a number of other benefits!

What does it mean that Permitto offers "access board in your pocket"?

n Permitto, all personnel registering at a facility have the opportunity to retrieve a live-updated access list from the facility they are registered in!

This means that if you are registered in a facility, you will with a few clicks be able to see other personnel in the same facility with contact information easily available!

What is the difference between access registration and access control?

Most plant owners have access control systems. These are systems that physically control who has access to a given facility. This can be in the form of key systems, access card systems or other similar solutions.

Permitto offers access registration for facilities and projects. This means that the system enables the user to register in and out of facilities or projects in a simple way.

The purpose of this is to get a total overview of all personnel in the facility and present this in a clear way to relevant parties

Can Permitto be used for access control?

Permitto can be used for access control via integrations. We offer a wide range of APIs that plant owners can integrate into, so here it is only the imagination and the risk and vulnerability analysis that limits what is possible to achieve!

Does Permitto require GPS access to work?

Permitto does not require GPS access on the user's phone. On the other hand, it is possible for the user to give Permitto access to GPS, which will improve the user-friendliness of the app when Permitto e.g. can make suggestions for the nearest facility.

Can I register crew lists for projects?

Yes you can! In Permitto, it is possible for users and plant owners to register their HSE cards. Once this has been done, you can use this to register access to projects that have been created in Permitto. Permitto then satisfies the requirements for data to be registered on crew in accordance with the Construction Client Regulations.

Is it possible to have automatic check-out and registration in facilities?

In Permitto, it is possible to have automatic registration in and out of facilities by using GPS and the technology "geo-fence" to register that the user has left the facility.

Also, if the user notifies in advance that they are traveling to a facility, it will be possible to have automatic registration when the user has arrived at the facility.

Can users without a smartphone register access?

From the Permitto web portal, it is possible for authorized personnel to register users in and out of facilities. So for users without a smartphone, we recommend that it be dialed in, so that they can be registered via the web portal

Can Permitto be used on all types of facilities?

Yes, Permitto can be used on all types of facilities, both large and small. In Permitto, all plants are modeled as part of a hierarchical structure, this makes it possible to create logical groupings for plants. So whether you have 10 or 10,000 plants, it is no problem to model these in a good way in Permitto.

Digital Permit, Access cards and HSE-cards


Read more about functionality for permit cards, access cards and HSE cards.

I have cards in another system, can I get it into Permitto?

Yes there is no problem! We have a black belt in importing data from other sources into Permitto and are happy to help with this. So whether you use an Excel sheet or other ICT systems for security cards today, we will import these into Permitto for you!

Can I issue multiple types of cards in Permitto?

Yes, there is no limit to how many different types of cards a facility owner can issue in Permitto. So if you want to issue a Low Voltage Access Card and a High Voltage Access Card, for example, this is entirely possible!

Can I only issue safety cards in Permitto?

No, in Permitto, the plant owner is completely free to set up the type of card you want. Although most people who use Permitto want to issue safety cards, there is nothing in the way of issuing other types of cards such as Access Cards.

Can I make HSE cards in Permitto?

No, it is not possible to use Permitto to issue HSE cards. These are only issued by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.

On the other hand, it is up to users to register their HSE card in Permitto so that it can be used in connection with access registration on projects.